Top 10 Careers for Highly Sensitive People

Our work forms an integral part of our lives and contributes to the majority of our social interactions each day. While a job may, by its nature, be overwhelming for some, it may be even more so for highly sensitive persons.

Highly sensitive persons crave jobs that allow them to employ their creativity and skills. A job for them is much more than just money. A highly sensitive person might give up the highest paying job just to avoid overwhelming or stressful situations that make them uncomfortable.

If you are a highly sensitive person who is contemplating what to do when most trending jobs make you uncomfortable, allow us to show you a list of 10 career options, some of which may be perfect for you.


Whether you would like to teach a group of students or individual students, the choice is yours. You get to impart the knowledge you have acquired while also ensuring personal growth. Teaching not only provides you a sense of meaning for the job you do but also ensures that you do not get stagnant and constantly keep learning so that you can teach your students better. You could teach any subject, skill, a language that you are a master of or are qualified enough to do so. If the idea of teaching at a school or a college does not seem appealing, teachers always have the option to become home tutors.


Most highly sensitive persons have a means of expression. Some express through words, some through their art or music, and many other ways. People with an artistic side could consider a profession as an artist. You could paint on a canvas, draw graffiti, or take up assignments of wall paintings and other art. Highly sensitive persons as artists get a lot of downtimes that they require to recuperate and can also work with minimal supervision. There is also an option to combine art and teaching to become an art teacher.


This broad category includes writing books, blogs, reports, articles, posts, website content, and so much more. Furthermore, it offers hundreds of niches to choose from. Whether it’s creative writing, technical articles, or reporting, becoming a writer allows highly sensitive people to think, which they love to do, and allows them to express their voice through words while avoiding stressful situations. As a writer, you may have to socialize with other writers, exchange ideas with others, but at the end of the day, you can sit alone and get your thoughts flowing.


For highly sensitive people who are good with grammar and grasp over a language but are unable to express themselves in long articles, proofreading could be a desirable option. The best part about being a proofreader is that you can be one from home as most people look for freelance proofreaders these days. As a proofreader, while your eye for detail might help you pick out mistakes, you may also be able to help make a piece of writing better than it is through your suggestions.


You can join a band and leverage their presence or go solo and establish yourself as a musician. Being a musician can be a highly successful career if you are talented and are willing to network in your initial days. Right from gigs at weddings and parties to solo performances on a musical night, the options are vast for musicians.

Professional makeup artist

Many HSPs may be artistic, but they may not be experienced enough to paint landscapes and human portraits but have a creative mind and would like to pursue something related. Such HSPs could consider the option of becoming a professional makeup artist. You may be required to do a professional course before you become one. Once you do, you have the choice to become a specialist as a wedding makeup artist, a celebrity makeup artist, or choose to become a hairstylist.


Highly sensitive people are deeply empathetic, compassionate, eager to listen, and can always offer advice to make someone feel better. As a counsellor, an HSP gets to do just that with the addition of being paid. A professional degree is essential for this job because it gives you the license to practice. You could be a psychologist, a counsellor at a school or at an organization, or start up your own practice.


This category is very broad and includes nurses, babysitters, doctors, physiotherapists, daycare attendants, pet trainers, and more. HSPs do well in these professions due to the inherent personality traits that make them compassionate and intuitive.

Small Business Owner

While becoming an entrepreneur may seem intimidating and overwhelming, HSPs can always run small businesses like boutiques, flower shops, coffee shops, and more. They bring a sense of warmth into their stores because of the way they set things up and connect with people. HSPs as business owners create personal connections with their customers, value quality over quantity, and also raise their staff by being empathetic leaders.


You could be an IT professional, a personal assistant, a project manager, or any other position where the daily interactions at your workplace consume all your energy and overwhelm you every single day. While you love the kind of work you do, maintaining relationships and responding to workplace stimuli takes a toll on you. Such HSPs could always stick to their professions while eliminating the workplace factor. As a freelancer, HSPs can work for a diverse set of clients, do the work they enjoy, maintain personal relationships with their clients, and even double their income.

While this list is limited to 10, there may be other career options for highly sensitive persons that we may have missed. In general, highly sensitive people do well in jobs that offer more than money. Jobs that allow them to be expressive, compassionate, unrestricted and provide a sense of meaning are the jobs where