Top 10 Copywriter Recruitment Agencies

A copywriter is someone who creates copywriting content also known as web copy or sales copy. The purpose of copywriting is advertising with a clear intent to promote a product or service to sell. A copywriter is responsible for writing landing page content, ad content, email copywriting, sales copy, and newsletter. Copywriter is a very crucial job role in online marketing as it is used to increase brand awareness, convince the readers to act, and generate leads.

Copywriting might not seem to be a very technical skill but makes all the difference in marketing and the success of a business. Every business that has an online presence needs a copywriter to write landing page content. Most companies use the services of copywriter recruitment agencies to find the right talent. These agencies also help applicants find their desired jobs based on their skill sets. So, here we are listing the top 10 copywriter recruitment agencies.

#1. We Are Aspire

We Are Aspire is one of the most experienced recruitment agencies based in the UK providing its services for more than 28 years. During the last two decades, they have established themselves as a trusted recruitment agency by offering quality services to their clients. Their headquarter is based in London and other offices are in Manchester, Birmingham, New York, and Singapore. They specialize in the recruitment of copywriters, sales, research, technology, and marketing professionals. Some of their clients include euro money, Mediacom, and gumtree.

#2. Tier 2 Tek

Tier 2 Tek is a top-rated recruitment agency based in Denver, Colorado with 25 years of experience in the recruitment industry. Their services include direct hire, temp staffing, executive search, and temp-to-hire staffing. They help companies hire the top 2% of skilled and qualified professionals. They specialize in the recruitment of copywriters, IT specialists, and construction staff among others.

#3. We Love Salt

Salt or WeLoveSalt is another great recruitment agency in DevOps. It is an award-winning agency that operates around the world to create the best team of professionals based on your needs. The team of recruiters at Salt has expertise in copywriting, Sales, Marketing, and Technology. Some of their clients include IBM, Infosys, Unilever, and Babylon. Since 2012 they have won hundreds of awards in terms of being the best recruitment agency.

#4. Twenty Four Recruitment

Twenty Four Recruitment is a multi-sector recruitment agency based in the UK and providing its services for more than 10 years. They specialize in recruitment for copywriting, digital marketing, tech, accounting, and the creative industry. Their services include hiring for permanent, contract, temporary, and part-time jobs. They have industry-wide connections which help them find the best candidates for their clients.

#5. Alma Personnel

Alma Personnel is a leading job recruitment agency based in Birmingham West Midlands with a proven track record of helping hundreds of businesses and candidates. They specialize in the recruitment of copywriters, IT, HR, marketing, sales, accounting, and engineering professionals. Alma Personnel provides confidential, quality, and cost-effective recruitment solutions since 2008.

#6. Onward Search

Onward Search is an award-winning staffing and recruitment agency based in Norwalk, Connecticut providing its services since 2007. They specialize in the recruitment of copywriting, creative, technology, and marketing professionals. They have a team of more than 100 staffing specialists who have helped more than 3000 clients and 9000+ candidates.

#7. Robert Half

Robert Half is on the list of Forbes America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms 2022. They are based in the US and have offices in more than 40 locations. It was founded in 1948 and now it is considered one of the world’s largest recruiting firms around the world. They provide contract placement, permanent placement, and managed solutions. It is among the best copywriter recruiting agencies and specializes in technology, marketing, legal, finance, and customer support.

#8. Profiles

Profiles or career profiles is also an award-winning recruitment agency based in the US providing its services since 1998. Their services include direct hire, contract staffing, and managed services. Their offices are located in more than 8 locations around the US including New York, Washington, Chicago, and Baltimore. Their experts are the go-to option for Fortune 500 companies for recruitment. They specialize in copywriting, creative, and marketing.

#9. Link Point Resources

Link Point Resources is a leading recruitment agency based in London, UK having more than 20 years of experience. Their recruitment experts specialize in copywriting, marketing, HR, IT, management, legal, and sales industry. Link Point Resources offer customized recruitment services designed according to the client’s requirements. Besides London, they also have a presence in other locations including Grays, Essex, Guildford, Surrey, and Cambridge.

#10. Aquent

Next on our list is Aquent, one of the largest copywriter recruitment agencies in the US (according to staffing industry analysts). Its headquarters is based in Boston and has been providing recruitment services since 1986. They specialize in hiring the best copywriters and the creative industry. They have more than 30 years of experience and 2500+ active clients.

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