Top 10 Massage Therapist Recruitment Agencies

Massage therapists are central to boosting fitness, health, and wellness. They are tasked with manipulating various soft tissues in the body, including muscles, to relax and relieve pain. However, you can only find an excellent massage therapist from reputable and top brands. This happens because top massage therapist recruitment agencies choose the best therapists for these reputable firms. You could consider the following top recruitment agencies when outsourcing this service.

#1 Therapy Staffing Services

Therapy Staffing Services is a massage therapist recruitment service located in Austin, Texas. This recruitment agency focuses on multiple forms of therapy, including massage, occupational, physical, and respiratory therapy. Its comprehensive approach to issues makes it an excellent fit for anyone looking for versatility and multiple services under one roof.

In addition, this company provides multiple arrangements, including short-term, temporary, long-term, and permanent placements. The choice varies with personal preferences and budgets.

#2 Kaye Bassman International Therapy Recruitment Agency

Kaye/Bassman International is a reputable company that hires massage therapists for in-house and outsourcing purposes. Its services are found across various cities, making them readily accessible for most people. KBI uses multiple advanced technologies and rigorous processes to identify the best talents, ensuring you get the best in the long run.

This recruitment agency provides nationwide placement. Its service entails multiple forms of therapy, including occupation, rehabilitation, massage, and physical. In addition, the placement duration will depend on your needs, preferences, and budget.

#3 Massage Recruit

Massage Recruit is a new kid on the block, redefining how massage therapies happen. This recruitment agency specializes in massage therapist recruitment, often using advanced technologies to tap the best talents. Yet, their hiring process is straightforward and efficient. Its unmatched efficiency makes it suitable for anyone looking for quick hires.

In addition, Massage Recruit trains its therapists in-house. The idea is to equip them with massage therapy and communication skills, allowing them to handle clients effortlessly. This way, an employer will readily choose a therapist based on particular needs and profile preferences.

#4 Spa Staff

Spa Staff is an incredible recruitment agency specializing in the beauty and healthcare industry. It helps recruit top talents to offer massage therapy, beauty therapy, and wellness. Its headquarters are in London, United Kingdom. Yet, it has spread its tentacles across the globe, meaning it can help get the best therapist within your locality.

Further, Spa Staff relies on a rigorous process when recruiting massage therapists. This element ensures that you get the best professional in the long run.

#5 Body Well Therapists

Suppose you need a recruitment agency that offers in-house services and outsourcing arrangements. In that case, Body Well Therapists would be an excellent solution. This recruitment agency has the technology and ability to recruit top talent for in-house, home, hotel, and office massage therapy.

Besides massage therapist staffing services, this agency guarantees chiropractic and physician staffing. Its customized services ensure that you get therapists that match your needs, preferences, and budget. Also, their offices are spread across the country, meaning you’ll likely get local experts.

#6 Spa Elite

Spa Elite is an award-winning recruitment agency based in the United Kingdom. Yet, its international operations and talent recruitment processes allow you to get an incredible massage therapist at your service.

Spa Elite specializes in finding massage therapists for luxury spas and hotels. It trains its recruits on various elements, including aesthetics, fitness, wellness, and leisure. Excellent in-house training guarantees unmatched professionalism and expertise from the recruits.

#7 MyStaffing Agency

MyStaffing Agency is located in Charlotte, NC. Its extensive experience in the field allows it to recruit exceptional talent to fill your needs. This staffing agency understands market trends and patterns, ensuring that decision-making becomes seamless. Their recruitment process is hands-on, meaning they are involved in finding the best choice for your job.

Further, you can rely on this recruiting agency to screen, interview, and select the best massage therapists for your business. They have the expertise to streamline recruitment processes.

#8 General Healthcare Resources

General Healthcare Resources is an established recruitment agency that has been in business for three decades. It specializes in multiple therapies, allied therapy, and healthcare recruitment services. You can rely on it when looking for an exceptional occupational, massage, or physical therapist.

This recruitment agency assures you access to quality talent. It is home to high-performing candidates who enjoy extensive experience and expertise in the field. In addition, they offer 24/7 customer support, meaning you can report any issue whenever necessary.

#9 Household Staff Staffing Agency

Suppose you want an excellent private spa staff. In that case, the Household Staff Agency would be a worthy investment. This agency provides personal massage services to soothe, relax, and address physical aches. Its specialty is ensuring that you are relaxed and immaculate before appearing before the public. Its goal is to create an impressive public image whenever you are out there.

Household Staff Agency provides short-term solutions to massage needs. However, you could consider comprehensive services, including prioritizing particular staff. They also evaluate your medical history to minimize exposure to various complications in the long run. At the same time, you can walk into their facilities to get massage therapy.

#10 Lead Wellness Staffing

Lead Wellness Staffing is a specialist recruitment agency that focuses on therapeutic and sports massage therapies. It is located in Arvada, CO, and hires specialized talents in this niche, ensuring you get the best in the long run. In addition, this agency boasts a steady clientele, meaning professional massage therapists can subscribe to it. Its vast pool of talents makes it a perfect choice for versatility, flexibility, and convenience.

Various massage therapy recruitment agencies are available in the US. Yet, those mentioned above stand out, thanks to their professionalism, consistency, talent, and talent acquisition technologies.

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