Top 10 Recruitment Agencies for AI Professionals

With the rapid advancement of AI technologies, more and more businesses are looking to adopt AI into their operations. This has resulted in a growing demand for AI professionals. If you’re looking to recruit or find a job in the AI field, working with a recruitment agency can be a great way to find your perfect role or candidate. Recruitment agencies have access to a wide range of job openings and can help match AI professionals with the right position. Here are our top 10 picks:

#1 First Point Group

The First Point Group is a worldwide recruitment agency with a presence in 11 countries across the globe. They provide services to 180+ nations and specialize in artificial intelligence, global telecommunications, and network technology recruitments for various organizations such as Airtel Africa or cloud infrastructure suppliers like Amazon Web Services (AWS). They offer various services to their clients which include market mapping, remote working, executive search, permanent job search, and contract assignments. Their recruitment experts interact with the clients to assess their hiring needs and enable them to get the right talent, so they remain ahead of their competition.

#2 European Recruitment

This recruitment agency is based in the UK and is serving the global technology industry since 2009. They are an award-winning European technology recruitment agency and provide intelligent solutions throughout Europe, the United States, and Canada while also managing payroll for many of their key clients in the Artificial Intelligence industry. Among their clients are well-known technology companies such as NVIDIA. This company has been able to deliver excellent service by specializing not only in individual candidates but entire organizations’ needs as well.

#3 Focus Global Talent Solutions

Focus GTS specializes in tech staffing and candidate placement. The company has been working in tech staffing and tech recruitment for more than a decade now. Moreover, Focus GTS provides recruitment services in four areas of technology. These domains include IT Solutions, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Digital Transformation, and Cloud Services. They provide services both to candidates and clients. Since they are a niche tech staffing agency, they have to exhibit a higher level of expertise to find the right talent. Their clients include big names such as Sony, Adobe, American Express, Verizon, and many more.


PALTRON has expertise in placing executives and experts at top organizations. They have seven offices at different locations across four countries. They are considered as a leading recruitment agency for AI machine learning divisions. Moreover, they specialize in looking for the appropriate tech & soft skills that are necessary to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization. Additionally, PALTRON is a member of CareerTeam Group which is a leading headhunting organization for the digital age. PALTRON’s role is to place managers and experts for IT roles including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Big Data, cloud and cyber security. They provide services to various firms which includes eBay, Rolls-Royce, Microsoft, IBM and Red Bull.

#5 Networkers

The Networkers recruitment agency is considered a pioneer in AI and Robotics recruitment. They have been operating since 2013 and have built a large network of talented AI professionals including AI researchers and data scientists. They have a truly exceptional and highly competent talent pool. Moreover, they connect clients with AI & Robotics professionals and have a proven track record of fulfilling the hiring needs of their clients. They are specialized in recruitment within data science, robotic process automation (RPA), AI research, big data architecture and deep learning. Furthermore, Networkers are also part of Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC). REC is a body which promotes best practices and high quality service standards across the recruitment industry.

#6 Edge Tech

Edge tech has more than 15 years of market experience for recruiting best talent for their clients in multiple tech domains. They have the required expertise to recruit talent within emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, RPA, intelligent automation, data science and machine learning. They have experienced divisions working for permanent, contract and interim positions. Moreover, Edge Tech is providing services to numerous sectors. They recruit all levels of talent from certified and highly technical developers, sales, product, operations, marketing, project/program and solution architecture. A large number of tech professionals have used Edge Tech’s services to secure coveted positions at reputed firms.

#7 Razoroo

Razoroo is a US based technical recruitment agencies with a clear aim of providing top notch recruitment services related to AI, blockchain & machine learning technology. They have a highly experienced team in artificial intelligence and machine learning talent placement. Moreover, the company claims to place staff faster than other traditional staffing organizations. In addition, Razoroo is one of the fastest growing technical recruiting firms focused on AI & ML roles. Razoroo has managed to place more than 125 technical placements in a span of three years. Moreover, they have saved more than $2 million of client’s recruitment cost. Their partner clients include some big names like Alphabet, Netflix and Microsoft.

#8 CalTek Staffing

CalTek staffing is a premier technical, IT and engineering staffing firm which was founded back in 2002. A large number of companies acquire their services to meet their hiring needs. The US based recruitment company has expanded their operations across various states including California, Colorado, Georgia, Texas and Washington. Moreover, they have provided hiring services with global corporations including Siemens, Parsons, and Illumina. In addition, they are also working with startups that have 10+ employees.

#9 Pasux

Paxus is a leading IT recruitment agency and is based in Australia. Moreover, the company is operating for more than 45 years. They work with businesses of every scale and help them in sourcing the specialist talent as per their requirement. The company provides recruitment solutions in multiple technology domains which includes AI, robotics, data analytics, cloud solutions, cyber security and many more. They have developed working relationships with employers actively recruiting AI professionals. Moreover, they offer both permanent and contract positions across a broad range of industries. Pasux works under the umbrella of their parent company, Adcorp. Adcorp is one of the most successful global workforce solutions companies in the Southern Hemisphere and operate across South Africa and Australia.

#10 Richard Wheeler Associates

Richard Wheeler Associates is a leading business consulting firm that provides innovative solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company specializes in recruiting artificial intelligence and data analytics professionals. Their partners include individual job aspirants and established corporations. The UK based recruitment agency is partnering with tech savvy firms based in London, Oxford, Birmingham. In addition, they also recruitment experts working from home across different countries.

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