Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in Spain

Recruitment agencies can play a crucial role in the development of your career plans. Working with Spanish recruitment agencies is one way to explore the world and become better at at your job at the same time. Here are ten really great recruitment agencies in Spain you can you use to locate jobs and find the career you really want right now.

Antal Madrid

Founded in 1993, this is one of the largest recruiting firms in Europe and the entire world. Antal works with companies and talent in five continents. They are looking for workers who can fill many kinds of niches in Spain and other places including many parts of Europe and the United States. Antal focuses on many kinds of national and international industries. The firm works with experts in industries such as accounting and office administration. They also look for candidates with experience in the field of human resources as well those with a background in the field of legal work and information technology.

Approach People Recruitment

Approach People Recruitment is one agency focusing closely on the world of global recruitment. They’ve been in the business of recruitment since 2000. The modern-day agency is one that seeks out talent in many European countries including Spain. They have offices in many places including both Barcelona and Madrid. The company works closely with candidates and employers in different industries. They offer jobs in fields such as marketing and sales. They also provide opportunities for candidates with a background in life sciences, accounting, engineering and information technology.

Adecco Spain

Adecco is an internationally renowned recruitment agency that is well known for providing opportunities for people with varied educational and training backgrounds. They have offices all over the world. They offer jobs in many varied fields. That includes banking as well as finance and insurance. It also includes tourism, retail workers, healthcare specialists and those searching for office work. They have over five thousand offices and serve more than sixty countries.

Boyden Executive Search

Boyden is a Canadian based recruitment firm. The firm works with companies in the United States as well as with companies in Spain and other parts of the world. Their aim is to find highly skilled industry leaders. They help companies locate executives in fields ranging from healthcare to financial services such as venture capital and banking. They have seventy-five offices in over three dozen countries around the globe. The firm has been in business for over seven decades. Those with many years of experience can work with them to find many new opportunities.

K2 Partnering Solutions

Experts who have a lot of experience in the world of modern information technology and other related technology fields will find a home here. They have offices all over the globe including many parts of Europe. The company is always searching for people who have many years of work in all areas of information technology. They offer jobs on a contract basis as well as temporary jobs and full time jobs. K2 Partnering Solutions also works with those who are looking to improve their skills. They help people find locate brand new career paths.

Korn Ferry

Korn Ferry is one of the world’s leading recruitment agencies. This is a global organizational firm that specializes in finding international talent. They provide chances for people to connect with others. They work with people in varied economic sectors. Their areas of specialty include technology, financial services and industrial work. They also work with employee in fields such as sports, travel and media.


Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Networkers has been in the business of finding jobs for people for over three decades. During this time, they have developed an extensive network of satisfied clients. They work in the United Kingdom but they also have openings in other parts of the world including Spain. This is a firm that largely focuses on the field of information technology. They are looking for a recruits with a background in different forms of information technology. That includes employees who have an understanding of robotics, communications, cybersecurity and project management and the development of new services.


Pentasia was established in 2001. Since that time, they have grown to be an agency with offices in places as diverse as Barcelona and Las Vegas. This is a firm that serves the gambling and gaming industry. They also serve the technology and iGaming sector. They look for people who wish to make a career in gaming in person as well as the online industry. Experts in the field of international gaming are also encouraged to apply here.

Talent -R

Talent-R is a Barcelona, Spain based recruitment agency. This is an agency that concentrates on the process of matching people with specific talents with companies that need such talents. They specialize in several areas for their clients and their workers. This includes executive managers looking for a new potential career path. It also includes those with prior experience in the fields of software engineering and specialists in the field of cloud data storage as well as the creation of online infrastructure.

Victoria Selection & Search

Victoria Selection & Search is an firm that works with those in need of bilingual specialists. They provide assistants and other workers who are fluent in both English and Spanish. The firm works largely in the field of business services. They further specialize in the fields of workers who have experience in the world of advertising and marketing. They also look for employees who are wish to be part of the fields telecommunications and information technology. They have offices in Madrid and place candidates in jobs all over the English and Spanish speaking world.

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