Top 10 Business Intelligence Recruitment Agencies

Business Intelligence (BI) is a process that involves practices, data tools, data visualization, and data mining to create some actionable data insights that will help your organization make informed decisions. BI data projections give you a clear view of what needs to be done if you want to stay competitive and observe continuous growth. Besides that, business intelligence can help your company in many other ways, for instance, it increases efficiency, productivity, and data clarity.

It also improves user experience and employee satisfaction. Based on the studies of Gartner and global research business intelligence is gaining increased popularity which has increased the demand for BI professionals. Most companies use recruitment agencies to hire for BI job roles. So, we’ve gathered a list of the top 10 business intelligence recruitment agencies for you.

#1. Computer Futures

Computer Futures is a leading tech recruitment agency providing its services globally for the past 35 years. There are recognized as one of the best IT recruitment agencies worldwide that helps create a partnership between professionals and businesses. They specialize in Business Intelligence (BI), Cybersecurity, Salesforce, software development, and app development. Computer Futures operate in many different countries including the US, UK, Austria, Germany, France, Japan, Switzerland, and many more. They provide recruitment services on a direct, contract, and project-based.

#2. Eliassen Group

Eliassen group is also one of the best Business Intelligence (BI) recruitment agencies based in the US and has been providing its services for the past 30 years. They specialize in recruitment for Cloud services, software engineering, business intelligence, accounting, and life sciences. Eliassen Group has a vast network because they are partners with giants like Microsoft, lucid, google cloud, digital ai, scrum Inc, and many more.

#3. Modis Recruitment

Modis recruitment is one of the biggest recruitment agencies in the US and now operates in more than 40 different locations. They have helped many companies in recruiting BI professionals and operate in many different industries including manufacturing, healthcare, environment, technology, and finance. If you are serious about pursuing a career in business intelligence, then Modis is the right option for you. They promote diversity and are in partnership with Women in Technology International (WITI), Dress for Success, and Paradigm for Parity as well.

#4. Focus GTS

Focus Global Talent Solutions (GTS) is the next recruitment agency on our list founded by Dave Fox who has been working in the recruitment industry since 2010. Focus GTS is based in the US having one of the biggest and most experienced team of expert business intelligence and IT recruiters. They specialize in Business Intelligence (BI), Digital marketing, cloud technology, and data science. Some of their prestigious clients include Sony, American Express, Adobe, Verizon, Twitter, and Vonage.

#5. Next Ventures

Next Ventures is another top-of-the-line recruitment agency in Business Intelligence (BI) and has been operating since 2001. Next Ventures provides global technology staffing solutions that operate internationally, and its head office is based in London. They have made their mark as one of the best BI recruitment agencies over the past two decades & got several accreditations. Next Ventures is considered the best recruitment agency in niche technology that delivers the best results.

#6. HW Select

HW select is a well-known IT recruitment agency in London providing its services in investment management and IT staffing since 1999. They have the biggest pool of candidates for IT jobs as 80% of the positions are fulfilled by their global network of candidates and only 20% are fulfilled by conventional methods. They specialize in the recruitment of Software development, Business Intelligence, and engineering.

#7. Spherion Staffing

Spherion staffing and recruiters is one of the oldest recruitment agencies in the US operating since 1946 and located in more than 100 locations all over the US. They have worked with many industry leaders over the past 75 years. Their services include flexible staffing, temp-to-hire, direct-hire, and workforce management solutions. They specialize in recruitment for Information Technology, finance, hospitality, healthcare, and customer support.

#8. Morgan Campbell

Next on our list is Morgan Campbell, a leading recruitment agency based in New Zealand and providing its services since 2003. They have been providing staffing solutions to more than 60 different organizations. Morgan Campbell specializes in Business Intelligence, finance, project management, logistics, human resource, and telecommunication. Although they are based in New Zealand, they provide services all across the Asia Pacific region.

#9. Heller Search

Heller Search is a US-based recruitment and staffing agency founded in 2010. They specialize in Business Intelligence (BI), CIO, CTO, CISCO, eCommerce, and development. They are the leaders when it comes to the leaders in recruitment agencies. Some of their recent clients include warner music group, well care, global business travel, and CAT.

#10. Talener Group

Last on our list of top 10 business intelligence recruitment agencies is Talaner which is based in the US. Their specialization is in the areas of Business Intelligence, development, management, cybersecurity, DevOps, and cloud. They are constantly focused on improving and evolving to fulfill business needs which makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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